Wednesday 4 January 2012

Microsoft TechReady 14 - Heck, I'm Ready!

It's that time again for the bi-annual Microsoft internal tech-fest called Tech Ready. TechReady is Microsoft's internal briefing to Microsoft staff (only). Luckily the folks from ChangeBase\Quest have been invited to present an instructor led lab to Microsoft staff on the benefits of automated assessment and remediation delivered by the ChangeBASE tool.

Here is a brief overview of we plan to cover;

During this session, Greg Lambert (that's me) , Chief Technology Architect of ChangeBASE will discuss the 3 M’s of application migration and virtualisation: multi-usage, multi-input and multi-scenario.  Using real-life illustration, documentation and testimonials this deep dive technical session will look at the mechanics of achieving the utopian within your client base. It will outline the problems you will face as you look to migrate your customers. Broken into three distinct categories, I will discuss the compatibility challenges facing each area and using technical demonstration will illustrate how these challenges can be addressed.

Taking each in turn I will discuss;

Windows 8 application compatibility including;
            1)  Desktop migrations issues including;
                        - Windows 7 Compatibility
                        - 64-bit Compatibility
                        - App-V Streaming compatibility
2)  IE8, 9 and 10 compatibility including;
                        - Presentation challenges
                        - Security
                        - HTML and Javascript

From this Instructor Led Laboratory (ILL)  session delegates will learn;

A) What areas of consideration are needed to migrate application estates to a Windows 7, App-V based platform
B) An understanding of the 3 M’s of application migration and virtualisation and how  they affect the enterprise
C) The primary hurdles facing organisations as they migrate Windows 7 and virtual desktops and how to practically address those challenge

This lab will be presented by me (Greg Lambert) and my Quest colleagues on Tuesday, January 31 in the afternoon in the Seattle convention centre. If you have any questions or would like to attend please leave a comment on this posting and I will try to get back to ASAP.

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