Thursday 5 May 2011

Linkbait: Industry News for AOK

My colleague has done it again. He has compiled a list of great reading and links relating to desktop migrations, application compatibility and general news on computing

Operating Systems News
Gartner 2010 OS figures show operating systems are worth $30.4 Billion
Windows 7, now 18 months old has sold 350 million licenses, passing OSX Snow Leopard in only two weeks.  ChangrBASE get mentioned in an article describing the numbers
Windows 8 Milestone 2 Workstation has been leaked, Windows 8 Milestone 3 Server has been leaked
Windows 8 will have a revamped Task Manager, an app store similar to iPhones, Cloud synchronisation & Windows Live Cloud roaming, a new touch-friendly UI, History vault, a black screen of death, fancy webcam ui and facial recognition logon, other features rounded up
Get the new look with some Windows 8 unofficial wallpapers
Windows XP End Of Support Countdown Gadget counts down the days until support ends.
Windows ThinPC with built-in virtualisation layer has moved to Release Candidate
Very pretty Windows 7 theme from Microsoft and the story behind its creation
Waterdrops theme for Windows 7 and the story behind it

Packaging News
Chris (Samuel L.) Jackson realises that stupid users are stupid
InstallAware continue to tell their turbulent story
Flexera have released mergemodules for InstallShield LE for Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1
A sensible replacement for the weird win32product wmi class

Browser News
IE9’s share on Windows 7 has doubled since March but IE’s overall share continues its decline
IE10 preview has rendering modes for IE5 - 10
IE10 will support Windows 7 & 8 but not Vista or lower.
Cam of a silly video about IE
What browser are you using?

Mobile News
Nokia and Microsoft sign partnership agreement
Android has 350,000 daily activations

Technology news
This doesn’t fit anywhere but I still felt it worth sharing.  Do not invest in SSD drives they fail.
A beginner’s guide to Group Policies
I love the Microsoft NT Debugging blog, mostly because it shows me how little I really know about Windows.  Here’s a great article telling the story of a missing icon in the control panel.
Learn about Dynamic Memory in Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Hyper-V

Office News
Office … the game: Ribbon Hero 2 is available. Play your way to learning the ribbon. 
A fix for the fix in Outlook 2007 that broke print previews
Office 2010 SP1 is due ‘in mid-summer’
Oracle let go of OpenOffice

Partner News
ConverterTechnologies’ have a Forrester report on how Advanced Planning Prevents Microsoft Office 2010 Migration Pitfalls

Cloud News
Toyota invest £7.5 million in Azure

I love the Ipad (1994) style link.

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