Friday 8 April 2011

AOK Lite: Windows 7 Application Compatibility for Everyone

I can't describe how excited I am about this our latest release of our automated application compatibility product  - AOKLite.

Working with the Microsoft Springboard team, we have created a downloadable version of Changbase's AOK product with a focus on Windows 7 compatibility.

You can find the link to the AOK Lite site here:

Once you register you can download a trial version of AOK and test YOUR applications for Windows 7 compatibility issues. And, most importantly, you can automatically fix those issues.

Stephen Rose from Microsoft has posted an update on the Microsoft Springboard forum  with the following notes;

"First, ChangeBASE, the AppCompat testing and remediation specialist, has partnered with Microsoft to develop AOKLite. AOKLite, which launches today, is a free downloadable version of ChangeBASE’s core software, the AOK Workbench which enables members of the TechNet community to test and automatically fix up to 10 applications ahead of migration. It automates the process of identifying and solving incompatibilities between new or updated software and the existing infrastructure, as well as highlighting incompatible applications before a migration takes place. It also automates many of the other tasks in the packaging process, such as enforcing standards, resolving inter-application conflicts and Windows Installer errors, to enable faster, more cost-effective migrations."

If you have any questions on AOK Lite, please feel free to submit them to our AOK Lite forum located here:

I will try to personally answer a number of them - so I can see a few blog posts in the future relating to any common issues/scenarios encountered.

Happy downloading and looking forward to your thoughts on AOK Lite.

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