Tuesday 8 March 2011

Friends don't let friends use IE6

    Microsoft has given us a nice little marketing "toy" with their tongue in cheek "Internet Explorer 6 Countdown"  website. This is a great marketing tactic and I think it's extremely well done.
    You can find the link to the IE6 countdown page here: http://ie6countdown.com/
    The page has great demo-graphic information on the current usage of IE6 including a global chart reproduced here;
    Some interesting points to note from this chart. Finland and Norway lead the way with the lowest IE6 usage - well done them! But, is this due to high Opera usage?
    Also, China has the highest usage of IE6 across the world. I am assuming that these people represented here are using Windows XP - So, I don't want to appear too snarky here - but, with the culture of pirated software in China, you would think that these people would be using Windows 7 Super Duper Ultimate Version Service Pack 3.8 pre-loaded with the pre-release build of the not yet released version of Office 2013.
    Not the case. It appears that even free software (a pirated version of Windows 7) is not tempting enough for some to upgrade. In case you are interested, here are the country by country break-downs;
    And, here is the most interesting illustration of global IE6 usage;
    I think these number tell a story here - of a giant leap forward to Windows 7 that I bet will come in the next 18 months... Speaking of migrations, I wonder if Dell and HP are listening. I smell an opportunity here.

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