Tuesday 23 March 2010

We support App-V 4.6

Virtualization has been around for quite a while now and like all technology developments it can mean different things to different people. However, the benefits it can bring to an organization such as reduced costs and time, coupled with the accessibility gains are the same irrespective of area of deployment.

Application virtualization is a fundamental part of any virtualization strategy and with the recent launch of Microsoft App-V 4.6, IT Managers can now greater control over application portfolios, minimizing application degradation and reducing the time required to fix any problems which arise.

We’ve been working alongside the Microsoft App-V team in developing our own set of plug-ins for ChangeBASE AOK which further enables global organizations to embrace virtualization. By enabling instant assessment of application compatibility with virtual environments, AOK streamlines application readiness by automating the remediation of application compatibility issues for the target virtual environment. This process can save months of manual testing and ensures that applications being virtualized will work on the target platform, have access to any required dependencies, and operate alongside any other applications they are deployed with.

Virtualization is here to stay and with more organizations looking towards virtualization as a bottom line cost saver the ability to quickly virtualize applications will be crucial to the success of the project.

And, here is a little self-promoting news (a link to our website with the press release).


And for those who are interested, here are some links to the Release Notes for App-V 4.6 and the technical documentation on Microsoft's TechNet;

App-V 4.6 Technical Documentation

App-V 4.6 Release Notes

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