Wednesday 7 October 2009

Windows 7: The Ballmer Edition

Making my way across Europe right now, working with our partners in each region to assist with the launch of Windows 7.

October is definitely going to be busy with loads of Product launch parties and "Business Briefings". Adding to that, November is already getting booked up with Windows 7 and Application Compatibility briefing sessions. The level of activity and interest we are seeing in the Partner community right is far, far higher than what we experienced with Windows Vista. It seems that the Windows eco-system is really behind this release - which is good news for Windows 7.

On that note; I was quite surprised by the release of the Windows 7: Ballmer Edition. This special edition is a signed copy of the release and is being offered at some of the business briefing and partner events.

I am not a big fan of these "Ego Editions". Now that Bill Gates is doing philanthropy full-time now, why can't Microsoft do a little charity on the side? I suggest that Microsoft create a Windows 7 C edition - Windows 7 Charity Edition.

A portion (or all of the retail price) for these limited Charity editions would go to the Charity of your choice. You could choose from a list of pre-approved Charities for your region from a web-based portal. Microsoft could show-case their newer technologies (Azure?) for the back-end technology/infrastructure of the service.

It would be a technology driven, community supporting, audience involving way of delivering Windows 7 to customers and doing something for a good cause.


Tom Bailey said...

I found you through a charity search.

Microsoft is still a for profit business but if you do some research you can see how much they give to schools and libraries and see they do charity work (clearly with an agenda of future profits in mind). Bill is BIG on accountability and MSFT is into return on profits since they are for profit.

If you are really serious about having them do something in this area if you write up a detailed analysis that addresses the potential counter arguments you could make something like this happen. You write well and this seems like a good idea. Write a detailed proposal and send it to them and post it up on your blog... That would be amazing!

Lay out your argument
Make it happen

Chris Jackson said...

You mean like this?