Monday 24 August 2009

XP Mode - More trouble to come

I blogged a while ago about some of the issues surrounding XP Mode under Windows 7.

For those of you who are not aware of this functionality recently introduced in Windows RTM; XP Mode provides a virtual PC version of Windows XP SP3 bundled in Windows 7. For more information on this windows 7 application compatibility functionality look here:

The idea behind putting a virtual PC in a bundled Windows release is a good one. For many enterprise customers, this option will not be exercised as they will require more functionality offered by Microsoft's App-V or Med-V solutions. So, this option for support XP dependant applications is really targeted at the Small and Mid-Sized businesses.

There are a number of problems/issues surrounding XP Mode for Windows 7 though including; (and not in any particular order)

And, now Antivirus vendors are entering they fray:


I am waiting to see how the Microsoft partner ecosystem responds to these issues. They should not be complaining - this could be a great opportunity for a new feature to their existing product sets (competitive differentiators) or even new products.

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