Thursday 29 January 2009

Windows 7 - First Compatibility Catch

An associate proudly announced to me today, "Hah, got one for you! And, I bet its the 1st one!"


The chap in question was obviously delighted about something. And judging by our shared past history and the shiny new laptop he pulled out his laptop bag - I thought I was going to see a rather extreme incarnation of an 8 core triple over-clocked 100 Gb RAM super laptop.


No, not quite that exciting but still exciting. 

"We"  had found the 1st "in the wild" Windows 7 application compatibility error. And the culprit was a piece of software I use literally ten times a day. I felt a little sheepish  as I could not believe I had not tested this application out on Windows 7 yet.


So, the ActiveX control for the remote control software Logmein does not work on Windows 7.


Even more embarrassing, I don't know why yet.


I just doesn't load - no error messages. No log files and I have not had time to delve into DEBUG mode.


Why?  Well, after a quick call to support,  I was offered some simple instructions to force an "auto-upgrade" to build  3.00.606  from my rather ancient build  of 3.00.395.


15 seconds later: I was all joy - now using the latest/best and Windows 7 compatible build and I was off and literally running.... To catch my train. 

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