Tuesday 28 October 2008

Feature Leak - Oh, call a Plumber

OK, it's a big week - loads going on, what with the PDC in Los Angeles and Vista SP2 now in my greedy little hands. We are now getting a turn at the fire-hose  for two major technologies that are going to keep us duly entertained for the next twenty-four months or so; Windows 7 and Azure, the Windows Cloud computing initiative.


Just a quick recap of some of the features that have been released today (and that I will be investigating over the next few months) ;


  1.  The ability to encrypt USB devices
  2. More control over User Account Control (UAC)
  3. Web-slicing
  4. Search Federation (meaning enterprise ready search)
  5. Branch Office caching



With all this stuff coming along, why all of the press "leaks"... We are getting pre-release copies of Vista SP2 via the Windows updates site;




And the Windows 2008 update (will this be R2?);




And it looks like Paul Thurrot with his super-site blog (highly readable stuff)  is getting into the act as well with;


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